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In the mobile game Coin Master Hack you will encounter a large number of villages where you can get gold and cards that differ in their rarity levels. In every village you can buy chests with all kinds of cards. Boom Villages are villages where you have a better chance of getting more gold or rarer cards than other normal villages. If you’re in a boom village, you’ll want to stay there a little longer than usual to see what kind of drops you get. Here is a full list of Boom Villages where you can get better rewards for your efforts.

Coin Master is a really nice game where you will earn coins and build villages. When you start playing you will likely move very quickly and build villages very quickly, but after a while villages will get more expensive and it will take you a while to get to the next village. General tips and tricks can be found in the Coin Master help files. However, there are ways to make this game easier to play. So if you follow our game plan you will enjoy this game even more!

Blue Villages in Coin Master

To win this game you have to complete villages. Each next village is a little more expensive than the previous one. If you want to know how many coins it costs to complete a village, click here.

Attacks and assaults

Besides spinning, you can get coins to attack and ambush other players. There are even special events for this. Use this to your advantage!

Collect cards

To play this game you must have spins. You get 5 per hour. You can achieve more by completing card sets. You can get them through chests. Buy lots of chests. Use this list of villages where you can get the most cards out of chests.

Use your pets – GUIDE

In Coin Master you have 3 pets to help you during the game. These are Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. They hatch in the first villages and complete sets of cards. These pets will help you get more coins or defend your village. Make sure you use them!

Upcoming events….

Every day there are different events where you can get extra spins, coins and XP to feed your pets. Play them, but play them out wisely. Tips for playing Attack Madness, Raid Madness and Special Events are also available here.

Amazing tricks about Coin Master

You can find these and many more tips and tricks on this website. If you have any additional tips and tricks, please share them!